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El Pósito, an ancient building from the 19th century, was first built as a granary and transformed, some years later, into a prison. In 1975 it even became a Special Needs School. After its recent and careful restoration, it has been conceived as a touristic and cultural space, example of our city. The centre includes all the history and the heritage of Linares, where mining, bullfighting and flamenco hold a prominent position.

Distributed in different spaces, it houses the new Tourist Office, the Local Interpretation Centre, a Documentation and Linguistic Resources Local Centre, a temporal exhibition and congress room a souvenirs shop, and, on the top floor, the Museum devoted to Raphael, the international singer from Linares. Likewise, annexed to this building you can find the Local Concert Hall, which can also hold all kind of events and congresses.
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The Local Interpretation Centre gathers all the history and the cultural heritage of Linares. Mining, bullfighting and flamenco hold a prominent position, showing spectacularly the main representatives of the talent and the artistic creativity of Linares. The centre provides an audio guide system in both English and Spanish, and audiovisual are also available in English at the visitor´s request.

The museum space devoted to Raphael provides a tablet system which describes audiovisually the professional career of the artist. These devices are, at the same time, connected to the Internet, and so the visitor will be able to share the museum contents and their impressions and comments in the different social networks.

Three audio guided itineraries are available at the Tourist Office for the visitor, in order to discover the historical, cultural and landscape heritage of Linares through the exciting experiences lived hiking along these routes.

* The Mining Route
* Cástulo Archaeological complex
* The city

Rules during your visit:
  • For safety reasons, animals are not allowed inside the building, except guide dogs.
  • Children must be always under adult supervision. Their companion should assure that they take proper care of the material. An adult is required for every ten children at least.
  • In case the visitor carries big bags, such as sports bags or travel bags, a suitcase or/and objects such as rackets, umbrellas, etc, they must be placed at the entrance of the building. In case of robbery, the manager institution won´t be responsible.
  • Filming is not allowed inside the building, but visitors can take pictures.
  • Eating and/or drinking is not allowed inside the Museum.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the building according to law 28/2005, article 7.j. dated on 26th December.
The access to the building is located in 5 Iglesia Street. The whole building is a completely barrier-free place and is included among the barrier-free itineraries proposed in the Linares Barrier-free Tourist Guide, available at El Pósito Tourist Office. It´s a tool which includes useful, convenient and organised information about the barrier-free surroundings of the main monuments and museums in the city. It also includes information with the touristic, leisure and free time establishments with the minimal accessibility requirements.

Concerning El Pósito:

Physical accessibility:

The access to the building has no projections or isolated step. Circulation inside the building is wide and has no obstacles. Most of the shelves are free from any obstacles at their bottom. Some of them are so high that may make them difficult to use or to read.
The lift´s sizes are in accordance with the current legislation. All floors in the building have a reserved bathroom, with the minimum accessibility requirements concerning doors, free turning space and supporting bars.
The Concert Hall shows no architectonical barriers, and even the access to the stage is barrier-free.

Visual accessibility:

The lift buttons also include the Braille system.
The local Interpretation Centre provides an audio guide system both in English and Spanish.
Outside the building there´s a barrier-free monumental sign which includes Braille. .

Hearing accessibility:

The information contained in some video clips also includes an audio descriptive system.
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