The 2000s are a key period in Raphael´s life, both professionally and personally. Although it´s a calm period where he really enjoys it on the stages, it´s also the beginning of new artistic adventures. Following this tone, he retakes his actor side in the musical "Jekyll & Hyde", starring as the schizophrenic doctor, a real challenge for the artist who has to play the role of two characters which involve a great physical effort.  

Soon after, the singer was successfully transplanted after an hepatic problem. He then came back with renewed energy. His return to the stages took place in September 2003, in the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, the same place where he succeeded on his musical origins.

Raphael´s activity is still quite intense in the following years. In addition to the albums recorded, there´s a never-ending list of concerts and awards given to him which recognised his professionalism and dedication in behalf of the main organisations and international contests.

In 2008 he celebrates his 50th anniversary on the stages launching a duets disk with the major figures of the music and organising other of his world tours, which are one of his symbols of identity.

The ambitious musical project Te llevo en mi corazón (I carry you inside my heart), opens a new decade where Raphael continues working and enjoying it, fascinated with the idea of sharing his music with his audience, of performing new songs and of continuing recording and performing all over the world.