Raphael´s professional career first takes off in 1962. On that date, he signs a contract with Philips records company, where he records his four first singles and where he gets the "PH" for his artistic nickname from, as he was convinced that this new nickname had an international projection. In addition, he takes part and successes at Benidorm´s Festival, not only winning the Best Performance Award, but also being awarded all the songs he had presented to the festival.

The ultimate recognition arrives at the concert which was held in 1965 in the Teatro de la Zarcuela, in Madrid, where Raphael shakes up modern Spanish light music. In the past, the singers used to act in places where the audience could dance but, this time, the audiences would remain on their seats, just listening. It was a complete success.

The participation and the popularity he achieved in Eurovision 1966 and 1967, launched the artist´s career, multiplying his tours and performances in the major theatres of Europe and America, while he also made the fervor of his unconditional, the "raphaelistas", arise. Representative of this success are concerts like the one celebrated at the Olympia Theatre in Paris or the one offered in 1968 at the Madison Square Garden in front of 48 000 people.

Cinema is one of the other professional aspects developed by Raphael during this period. Since he films Cuando tú no estás (When you aren´t there) in 1966, his films follow each other : Al ponerse el sol (When the sun sets) (1967), Digan lo que digan (Whatever they may say) (1968), El Golfo (The Gulf) (1968) and El Ángel (The Angel) (1969); all of them really successful among the audience and a blockbuster.