The intuition and versatility of the artist from Linares, together with his ability to analyse the audience's requirements, make it possible that the artist is able to reinvent himself in each performances and that he can combine his own personal style with the melodies in vogue. This ability to amaze the audience keeps him on the top of the artistic outlook. On his own words: "I'm continuously starting from the beginning".

Success marks the star's career. Songs such as Escándalo or Ave Fenix, both from the homonymous album, shook the music charts and become hits of the moment. This album, where he approaches tropical sounds, without forgetting about romantic ballads, makes up a draw for the new fan generations, who join his already considerable group of fans.

Following the general tone of his career, Raphael continues his never-ending performances worldwide during this period. He commemorates his 30 years of professional career with a "raphaelian year", which is inaugurated with a concert at the Calderon Theatre in Madrid, followed by a long national and international tour.

The artist's biography is published in 1998 under the title ¿Y mañana qué? (What about tomorrow?), a project started long time ago where Raphael bares his soul in front of the reader, describing the most important moments in his life. It's his first incursion in professional literature, something he will try again some years after with his work Quiero vivir (I want to live) (2005).