Rafael Martos Sánchez was born in Linares on the 5th May 1943, although some months later the family had to move to Madrid for working purposes. The artist soon began his musical education there.

Pater Esteban de Cegoñal, director of the Choir from the schola cantorum of St. Anthony´s Church, discovered the talent the young Raphael had, and he named him the solo voice from the choir. He also took carefully care of his melodic education; this led him to win the Best Child´s Voice in Europe Award, at the Salzburg Festival in 1952.

He loved cinema and theatre since he was a child, and often attended the plays which were held at Eslava, Calderon, Reina Victoria, and Zarzuela Theatres. In fact, it was as he was watching a play, La vida es sueño (Life is a dream) at a portable theatre, when the young Martos realised about his artist vocation. This way, he decided that his professional future should follow that direction.

This firm belief made him continue his musical formation at master´s Gordillo school, where he met his future manager, Paco Gordillo and his future composer, Manuel Alejandro. He also used to take part in the singing contests which, those days, where organised by radio programmes such as Buenos días, Madrid (Good Morning, Madrid!), Ruede la bola (Let the ball roll), or Conozca a sus vecinos (Meet your neighbours), where he used to get really good results.