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The Raphael Museum is located in El Pósito, a very beautiful building in the centre of Linares. It houses more than 400 pieces and original documents from the artist.

The tour around the museum is made with a tablet and headphones. It´s an immersive tour through the collection, where you can surf around all the visual and audio contents of the history of the artist. This audio guide, full of fundamental pictures- some of them unpublished- helps to understand the artist´s career and begins with an amazing welcoming video narrated by the own Raphael.

museo raphael museo raphael
museo raphael museo raphael
niñez y adolescencia

The first area is after de video, and it´s devoted to the childhood and adolescence of Rafael Martos Sánchez. There the visitor can find unique documents, such as his birth certificate, family photos, or certificates from radio contents given to "Rafael Granados", one of the nicknames that the artist, who still didn´t spell his name with the "PH" used in the fifties.

niñez y adolescencia niñez y adolescencia
La decada de los 60

The following area is devoted to the 1960s, Raphael´s greatest peak. A small Broadway decorated with big neon lights which emulate the marquees of some of the theatres in the main international capitals where the artist went for the first time. It contains pictures from his origins as a professional singer; the Best Singer Award he won at the Benidorm´s Festival in 1962; his first golden disk for La canción del tamborilero (The drummer's song) in 1965; original posters from his most emblematic performances as the one at the Madison Square Garden in New York; the poster from his films, the booklet from his historical concert at the Olympia in Paris and a long etc of really singular documents.

niñez y adolescencia niñez y adolescencia
niñez y adolescencia niñez y adolescencia
La decada de los 70

In the 1970s we find so particular and personal objects as an office´s desk from his house in New York and which was after moved to his office in Madrid, where it remained for over 30 years; a portable pick-up that he always carried on his uncountable trips; posters from his concerts in London, Japan, Australia, the former URSS…; one of his photo camera, together with some pictures he took himself in Las Vegas, 1970; advertisements from his films…

La decada de los 60 La decada de los 60
La decada de los 60  
La decada de los 80

In the 80s we can find some posters from his 20th and 25th anniversaries all over the world, including the Radio City Music Hall of New York; a model of Santiago Bernabeu Football Stadium, where the artist offered a mass and almost epic concert in 1985

The 1990s include the plate from the street which is named after him in Linares, the poster of one of his concerts at the Carnegie Hall in New York during the 30th anniversary tour, the one belonging to his Russian tour in 1997.

And joining these four first decades along one of the sides, we can find one of the major attractions of the museum: a collection of original and unique performing suits, among which we can find the clown costume he used to sing La balada de la trompeta ( The trumpet´s ballad) in the film Sin un adiós (Without a single goodbye); the glittering dress-cloaks from the musicals Billy the liar and Pippin, the coat and the top hat from Jekyll & Hyde, jackets from some of his performances and emblematic photo sessions... and, of course, a black suit.

La decada de los 70 La decada de los 70
La decada de los 80 La decada de los 70
La decada de los 80 La decada de los 70
Los años 2000

The 2000s are focused on the 50th anniversary, including posters from his concert at the Liceo in Barcelona and at Las Ventas, in Madrid and also on his most recent productions. Besides, as a climax for the tour around the different decades, we can also find a huge stained glass window where his whole discography is exhibited: all his albums, LPs and singles in Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, English, French...

The last room of the museum is maybe the most amazing one. After entering it, as if we were inside a huge safety box, we find ourselves in front of the most important awards received by the artist. Among them we can find the two Heraldos from Mexico, his Grammy nominations, the award from Midem Festival of Cannes from 1967, his Ondas Award 2010, an honorific award from the Music Academy from 2006 the golden and silver Torches and the Gaviotas from Viña del Mar Festival from Chile, the Golden Medal of the Arts, the Golden Medal of Andalusia, the Merit at Work medal, the Encomienda de Isabel la Católica, about 70 golden and platinum disks ant the epic uranium disk due to the sales of 50 million disks.

The Raphael´s Museum tries to be, above all, an unforgettable experience.

  niñez y adolescencia niñez y adolescencia   niñez y adolescencia  
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