The website "" has been constructed according to the measures and features exposed below, which make it easier for the users to obtain the information and the services offered without any disturbance.

Web usability

Usability means placing user´s necessities in the middle of the design and the contents structure. Its aim is that users can carry on the several available tasks in an efficient, effective, fast, easy and satisfactory way.

In order to achieve this goal, a survey has been carried out to know which are the views and opinions of real users with a home internet access.

Web accessibility

Its aim is that as many people as possible can access the website, no matter their characteristics (abilities/limitations, hardware, software, communications, etc.)

In order to achieve this, the following standards have been taken into account:

  • CSS

The design of this website has been made according to the W3C recommendation about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). If your browser doesn´t support Style Sheets, the content is still completely legible thanks to its structural markup.


This website has been designed and programmed following the instructions indicated by WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative,, which sets some international standards to create web contents which are accessible for everybody. A Web Accessibility Checker has been used in order to test the accessibility of this website. It meets priority 3 (Triple A accessibility level).

Some of the main tasks which have been carried out during the development of this website are:

All standards met have been checked

All the instructions exposed by the WAC tool have been followed in order to achieve an AA accessibility level in this website. In addition, the standards set by the W3C according to codification, have also been met, so that valid html and css codes are achieved.

All the contents included in this website are also available in black & white.

The user is not forced through colours to differenciate sections, parts or any other information (standard 2.1.)

All contents have been clearly separated

CSS are used to control the appearance and the layout, so that xhtml is only used by textual information (standard 3.3).

Layout through layers and not through indexes

Layout is not carried out using indexes (standard 5.3), using them only to show some information.

Relative font size

Fonts used in this website have relative sizes, which means that the user can control its size from the browser being used.

If you want to increase or reduce the size of the presentation, you can make it:

  • Through the keyboard:
    • Internet Explorer: clicking Ctrl and moving the mouse wheel.
    • Netscape, Mozilla Firefox:
      • Ctrl + "+" to increase size
      • Ctrl + "-" to reduce size
  • Using your browser: Menu > View > Font size.
  • Using the buttons to increase and reduce text size placed at the right of the main sections

Enough colour constrast

Using Vischeck, it has been checked that colours have enough contrast so that people with visual difficulties, such as colour blindness, can obtain a proper contrast.


includes all those keyboard shortcuts which allow the user access the different menu options more conveniently and without using the mouse. Accesskey has been used in the following sections:

  • - Accessibility: 0
  • - Home: 1
  • - Information: 2
  • - The Visit: 3
  • - The Museum: 4
  • - The Faces: 5
  • - Links: 6
  • - Webs map: 7

The combination of keys used in an accesskey depends on the browser used:

  • - Windows
    • - Internet Explorer -Alt + accesskey followed by Enter
    • - Internet Explorer  9 - Shift + accesskey followed by Enter
    • - Firefox 1.5 e below , Mozilla, Netscape 6 and above – Alt + accesskey
    • - Firefox 2 and above – Alt + Shift + accesskey
    • - Google Chrome - Alt  + accesskey
    • - Opera – Shift + Esc + accesskey
  • - Mac
    • - Safari 1.2, Firefox , Mozilla, Netscape 6 y above -Ctrl + accesskey
    • - Opera – Shift + Esc + accesskey

On the same way, and to make surfing through the different web links and elements using the keyboard easier, we have tried to follow a logical order to surf using the keyboard. At the same time, we have also edited the tabulation order to follow an order according to the importance of each section.

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